Medical Professionals

At Agios, we recognize and appreciate the critical role that physicians play in the lives of people with genetically defined diseases – a role that extends far beyond prescribing medicines. We keep patients at the center of everything we do and understand the importance of the physicians who serve these individuals every day.

  • For medical information queries, please contact:
    Agios Medical Information Call Center
    Monday – Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm CT
    Report an Adverse Event or Product Complaint anytime
    Phone: 833-228-8474

MyAgios Patient Support Program (U.S. residents only)
Agios offers a patient support program to help those with PK deficiency navigate the challenges of living with the disease. Refer patients and their caregivers to enroll in the program to enable customized engagements with a Patient Support Manager.
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Anemia ID (U.S. health professionals only)
A no-cost genetic test may reveal the cause of your patient’s hereditary anemia. To help physicians reach a diagnosis for their patients, Agios, in partnership with PerkinElmer Genomics, is sponsoring no-cost genetic testing for patients with suspected hereditary anemias. Visit the site to request a test kit.
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To learn more about our research and programs, below are some resources and useful links for physicians.