Patients & Caregivers

At Agios, people living with cancer and rare genetic diseases are at the center of everything we do and every decision we make. We are guided by a deep-rooted commitment to creating treatment options that make a meaningful difference in patients’ lives and fundamentally change the way cancer and rare genetic diseases are treated.

Our Commitment to Patients

Each day, we climb a stairway at Agios that features portraits of our loved ones affected by cancer. We are reminded that cancer and rare genetic disorders are more than just diseases of the body – they disrupt the lives of individuals and impact entire families. These patient stories reinforce the importance of the work we do, the urgent need for new therapies, and the necessity that our medicines meet the highest of standards.

What Drives Us

The many friends and family of Agios employees affected by cancer are what motivates, inspires and drives us.

Agios Commitment to Patient Access

Patients are at the center of everything we do

We advance the needs of patients through discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapies

For investigational medicines, we give thoughtful consideration to any patient requesting access who does not qualify for clinical trials

We recognize that patient access to our FDA approved therapies must be a priority

We engage productively with insurers and formulary decision makers to help patients gain access to our therapies.

We developed myAgios™ Patient Support Services, an expansive program that helps with access and financial assistance.

  • Full time case managers work directly with patients and health care professionals to explain insurance coverage and connect them to a variety of resources
  • Free medicine is available if eligible patients are uninsured, underinsured, face insurance delays, or temporarily lose insurance coverage
  • Co-pay program is available for eligible commercially insured patients