Our Values

At Agios, our culture and values – which form the foundation of our company and differentiate us – are embodied in the Greek word Arete, the ancient ideal of excellence and fulfillment of one’s potential. Arete has several meanings, and each is applicable to our company.

It is often used to describe virtue, to characterize someone as a “good person.” Our company comprises good people who are striving to achieve a virtuous goal. It also connotes a sense of driving for excellence, which speaks to how far we can push ourselves and reflects our focus on achieving “the other side of possible.” If we truly embody this meaning, we are confident the outcome will be novel drugs that help patients.

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Arete also describes courage and strength in the face of adversity. Adversity is always part of the equation for organizations like ours that are attempting to do something radical and important. What we are undertaking – developing drugs in a novel space while building a sustainable company– is exceptionally difficult.

Arete, in its many forms, describes why each of us are so proud to be part of this company and why we believe we are uniquely positioned to make a significant difference in the lives of patients.

Other Side of Possible

At Agios, our focus on people and culture comes from OSOP (Other Side of Possible) philosophy where employees are empowered to work together to accomplish something extraordinary while keeping the patient at the center of every decision we make.