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What does OSOP mean to us?

What Drives Us?

The many friends and family of Agios employees affected by cancer are what motivates, inspires and drives us.

Melissa McLaughlin
SVP Human Resources

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Our Research Platform

Our Research Focus

Cancer Metabolism

Inhibit key enzymes in cancer cell specific metabolic pathways to disrupt tumor cell proliferation and survival

Rare Genetic Diseases

Restore defective metabolic pathways in disease cells that cause rare genetic disorders of metabolism


Alter the metabolic state of immune cells to enhance the body’s anti-tumor response

Boldly Pursuing Excellence and Innovation

We are a research-driven organization focused on creating transformative medicines by combining expertise in metabolism and precision medicine.

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The Spirit of Agios

The Spirit of Agios

At Agios, our culture and values are embodied in the Greek word Arete, the ancient ideal of excellence and fulfillment of one’s potential to which our employees aspire. Together, we are driven by a boundless passion for our work, and we pride ourselves on fostering an interconnected environment that encourages creative scientific collaboration across disciplines.

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Passion for Discovery

our pipeline

Agios has leveraged its core capabilities in cellular metabolism and precision medicine to build a product engine that is focused in the therapeutic areas of cancer and rare genetic diseases.


Drug Discovery
Early Stage Clinical Development
Late Stage Clinical Development
Regulatory Submission

Phase 3 IDHENTIFY Ongoing
IC-Eligible Frontline AML
Phase 1b Combo Ongoing
IC-Ineligible Frontline AML
Phase 1/2 Combo Ongoing
  • Celgene has worldwide development and commercialization rights.Agios has U.S. co –promotion and royalty rights.
Phase 1 Dose-Escalation & Expansion Ongoing
IC-Eligible Frontline AML
Phase 1b Combo Ongoing
IC-Ineligible Frontline AML
Phase 1/2 Combo Ongoing
Phase 3 AGILE Ongoing
Phase 3 ClarlDHy Ongoing
Perioperative Study Ongoing
PK Deficiency
PK Deficiency
MTAP-Deleted Tumors
Phase 1 Dose-Escalation Ongoing

The safety and efficacy of the agents and uses under investigation have not been established. There is no guarantee that the agents will receive health authority approval or become commercially available in any country for the uses being investigated.

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Agios has a dynamic culture that supports our employees’ unwavering commitment to science and patients.

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