Inside Agios

At Agios, we are doing incredibly important and difficult work. We are trying to discover and develop breakthrough medicines, and we have a clear motivator — people with cancer and rare genetic diseases who are counting on us to be successful.

It takes people with a diversity of thought, skills, passions and backgrounds to get us from the first stages of understanding new biology and discovering drugs to our ultimate goal of getting these medicines to patients who are waiting for them.

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Founder’s Day

Every year, Agios employees gather for a two-day offsite that we call Founder’s Day. This time together is used to celebrate the successes of the past, look forward to where the company is going, and mostly importantly, have fun as a team. A member of our team since 2013, Sami Piteri shares why she decided to join the company and why she believes that Agios is a special place to work.

Sami Piteri, Commercial Team

Why We Joined Agios

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