Acting with “passion” means throwing ourselves into ventures with high energy, enthusiasm and commitment. This passion applies whether you”re talking about starting or sustaining a relationship, exploring new ideas, developing novel cancers treatments or trying to win a Grand Slam in tennis. Think of John McEnroe, whose passion for a traditionally staid game—and for winning—propelled him to number one in the world and seven Grand Slam singles titles.

Passion can be a little intimidating (especially if you are a tennis umpire at the wrong end of a McEnroe tantrum), but it”s also something to be admired and something that can reap huge rewards. I think it’s fair to say that McEnroe”s fame—which still brings him commercial endorsements even though he retired almost 20 years ago—is due as much to his demonstrative passion as to his many victories.

We can”t be passionate about everything. To be sustained, passion must be focused on a specific target. All of us at Agios are passionate about transforming patients’ lives. This is the target of our passion and what motivates and drives us.

This passion will help us embrace the changes we will see as our company grows, and to work through the challenges we will undoubtedly face. We can be a company that positively impacts countless lives, but that will require nurturing, sustaining and rewarding the passion we all share.