When we developed our differentiating values, why did we insist on “hyperconnected” rather than the simpler “connected?”

For the same reason that we describe our integrity as “absolute” and our execution as “focused”—because we want to be as precise in our description of what we are and what we will become as we are in our science.

Hyperconnected can be a difficult value to illustrate – but a good visual is the brain: the amazing connections between billions and billions of neurons. The term can also be used to describe the huge increases in bandwidth required as we “connect” with each other in the computer networking age in which we live. The hyperconnectedness of the brain and the network is the key to their strength and utility.

We are building Agios with a network of external connections that is on the cutting edge in our industry. As you may know, we currently have more contractors than employees, and these relationships are global in scope, intertwining Cambridge with India and China.

“Hyperconnected” also applies to our relationships with our founders and scientific advisory board. Unlike most biotech companies, we maintain active scientific collaborations with these advisors, considering them vital elements of our company. They are more than “external” resources—they are an integrated element of our hyperconnected structure.

Our hyperconnectedness is not only external, it also describes the way we operate within the company – breaking through artificial organizational barriers and silos and focusing on making the connections that will help us realize our vision.

At Agios we are taking connectivity to a new level and redefining how a biotech company is structured. Our hyperconnectedness is a key to our strength.