I love this value because it can be interpreted in so many different ways—all appropriate at different times and in different settings.

Certainly, we are operating at the leading edge of our field; indeed, at the edge of science—and that’s what makes working at Agios so exciting.

“Edge” also describes our attitude, our interactions and our groundbreaking science. It connotes the adventure and excitement of our culture—and the risks we are willing, and must, take on behalf of advancing cancer treatment.

For Agios to succeed, we need to continue to nurture a culture in which we challenge each other. We won’t advance the best ideas, and our best science, by being “yes-men and women.” So, it is incumbent for us to interact in ways that ensure we all operate at the top of our game—that means pushing back on ideas or asking questions—always with respect. The result: a corporate culture with an edge.

Like climbers on the ascent, we will venture fearlessly to the edge—welcoming the risks and thrills that entails—because we know that’s where we must go to reach “the other side of possible.”