Musicians are said to have dynamic range if they can vocalize or produce notes across the register from low to high. We are determined to make Agios into a company with a dynamic range that is analogous to that of a virtuoso musician. We won’t be pigeonholed with one idea or program, but will aim to create many products, performing successfully “up and down the scale.”

Dynamic can also mean constantly changing. For Agios to succeed, all of us must expect and embrace change. We have already seen tremendous change, not least of which is illustrated by the company tripling in size in just two years. We are going to be around for a long time and every day will be, and should be, different.

And, of course, dynamic can also mean intense, fast-paced and always on the go. That’s the kind of environment we want to foster here—one in which we declare our positions without hesitation and are decisive in our actions. Speed and dynamic decision-making are two of our biggest competitive advantages.

In any context, “dynamic” is a powerful and positive attribute, and a value that we can all look forward to putting to work as we build a great company together.