Boundless makes me think of disruptive technologies and their capacity to turn fields upside down. People often talk about “coloring outside the lines” but operating with boundless spirit means we have to forget that there even are lines. Our approach to targeting cancer metabolism takes that boundless view – a dramatic departure from a two decade-long focus on transcriptional pathways.

Boundless also applies to the kind of work environment we are trying to create. It means that each of us is not just allowed to push the limits, but is encouraged to do so; that we can reach as far as we want and throw out any idea without fear. One of my favorite all-time quotes comes from Robert F. Kennedy when he said: “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Paradigm-shifting advances emerge out of environments in which people are free to take risks, even if those risks sometimes result in mistakes.

Our culture must support and encourage all of us to approach our jobs without boundaries—to venture as far “out there” as we want to go. To, in fact, “the other side of possible.”